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Prefer to keep your savings than lock it away in a tenancy deposit? We don't blame you. Want to get a pet? We fully support you. Want some cover when things go wrong? It's what we are here for. With Husmus insurance, paying large rent deposits upfront and renting with limits is now a thing of the past.
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Welcome to a new kind of tenant insurance

Deposit Promise

Don't have the money for a deposit? Prefer to keep it, or spend it on something more interesting? For a low monthly fee we can cover your rent deposit, putting you back in control of your money.


Life, children, pets or just plain bad luck can all leave their mark on a place. When things get damaged or broken, our accidental damage is here to help put it right. Quickly, easily and with no fuss.

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Husmus is FCA certified and is backed by leading insurance and reinsurance companies.

Here's how Husmus tenant insurance works

Everything is simple, quick and transparent

Create your profile

Tell us about your rental history and get a rating. It's the only thing that really matters when you're looking for a new place to rent.

Customise your cover

Based on your profile rating, we'll suggest insurance options that you can customise. The better you've been, the less you'll pay.

Get ready to move

With your deposit covered, insurance in place and first payment made, you're good to go.

Why tenants love the Husmus way

Checking what matters

You are a person, not a credit score, which is why we care only about you your history of rent payments and home care.

Available to all

Everyone deserves the chance to access their ideal home. We accept anyone with a source of income. That includes those on benefits, self-employed and contract workers.

Your price

Unlike traditional insurance that is priced on average risk, our decisions and your premium is based only on your behaviour. Why should you pay more for other people's bad behaviour?

Quick and easy

Get a quote within a day, and be insured within minutes. If something happens and you need to make a claim, with our AI assistant, that takes just minutes too – no more frustrating games of voicemail tag with your landlord.

Our promise

Husmus is insurance but not as you know it.

We are committed to two things:

1. Making renting homes less financially and logistically stressful
2. Doing our bit to help fight climate change.

Our belief in social and environmental impact means your premium will be based solely on your risks, not anyone else's. With us everything is simple and transparent. We take a flat fee to provide our tenant services, pay your claims, and then split any profit with our chosen charities – The Climate Coalition and Renewable World. VIP Husmusers get to vote on a third charity to support! This means your great behaviour not only saves you money, but contributes to saving the planet too!

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