Insurance products

Income security for all landlords

Doesn't it feel nice to know exactly what your income and expenses are? That is exactly the peace of mind that Husmus Insurance provides to all landlords. So whether you rely on your landlord income for your own expenses or are saving it for the future, get the cover you need to remain profitable.

Insurance products

Rent Guarantee

For only £179.95!

Rent guarantee is a type of landlord insurance that protects against income loss. It comes into effect if your tenant stops paying rent for whatever reason and includes the cost of legal representation to make yourself whole again.

What is covered?

Please see our full coverage details below

  • Unpaid rent - Covers all tenant types for up to £2,500 per month for up to 12 months
  • Legal representation and defence - To recover money owed for unpaid rent or physical damage from named tenants as well as legal defence if you are prosecuted in criminal court during your landlording duties
  • Hotel expenses - If you are trying to regain possession of your rental home in order to live in it

Why should I buy?

Perks and benefits for peace of mind

  • Discounted assessments - 60% off as many tenant assessments as you need with your purchase
  • Legal advice - 24/7 free legal help line to answer any questions you may have about your rental home
  • Rapid claims - Your claims will be handled as soon as possible and your rent reimbursed as soon as your claim is accepted