Finally, affordable renting for all tenants

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Moving home is stressful enough, funding your move doesn't have to be! Husmus members get to say goodbye to upfront cash deposits.

What could you do with £5.2 billion?

Insurance products

That's how much is currently locked up in UK deposit schemes. Shocking right? It's your money... Well, some of it is. If you'd rather not lock it away for years in a rent deposit scheme, then don't. We'll cover your deposit with a low cost insurance, so you can spend your money on what really matters to you.

Why join the Husmus collective?

Lower your move costs

Why pay a hefty cash deposit upfront if you don't have to? We trust you to be responsible & pay your damages at the end of the tenancy.

One-fee, one time

There's no set-up, admin or recurring fees. Your membership is based on how great a tenant you are and can cost as little as 4 days worth of rent.

Available to everyone

You don't have to jump hoops to qualify. Simply share your rental history so we can confirm how awesome a tenant you are. We don't bother with credit histories & welcome all income sources.

Fast & fair checkout

Keep your deposit rights and protections with the same adjudicators as the Government backed schemes.

Here's how it works

Insurance products

Checking in

  • 1
    Get a rating by telling us about you, your budget and your rental history.
  • 2
    We'll put together your membership based on your needs which will be priced by your Husmus rating.
  • 3
    Share your membership details with your landlord & move in! Don't forget to review your inventory/check-in report.

Checking out

  • 1
    Attend your check-out walkthrough & move out of your rental home.
  • 2
    If your landlord makes a claim, our expert adjudicators will review it.
  • 3
    You pay any damages you are responsible for within 5 working days.
Insurance products

Don't just take our word for it

It was really helpful for me to simply keep my normal deposit money instead of it sitting in an account somewhere.

My landlord suggested I use Deposit Promise to save myself some money and admin for both of us. Sounds good enough to me.

Very happy to see alternatives to forking over a giant deposit. Always seemed like a big scam to me.


Our Deposit Promise members get personalised prices based on their rental behaviour. So if you have a history of great rental behaviour, (which generally means that you pay your rent and don't cause damages), you will get the best price! Our 5 star tenants only pay 10% of their maximum cash deposit. So if your maximum cash deposit is £1,000, 5 star tenants will pay £100
First create an account and then get an assessment. It takes about 24 hours to get your rating and pricing.
It is ultimately your landlord's choice. Share the information we've created to help you explain what your membership means for them. If your landlord still does not agree, you could either search for a more open-minded landlord or pay the cash deposit.
That's OK. You will need to tell our adjudicators why and provide any evidence you have. They will then assess both sides and come to a conclusion. Don't worry, our adjudicators also work for the main Government deposit schemes and so are very experienced and fair.