About us

We provide cover and technology that makes renting easy and affordable in order to build a world where everyone can enjoy renting privately

Our mission

Stay Ahead

Help tenants access homes regardless of their lifestyles

Save Money

Reduce upfront moving costs for tenants and landlords

Save Effort

Eliminate admin burdens to create great experiences

Our story

To make renting easier and affordable for landlords and tenants

Husmus was founded in 2019 by husband and wife team Sarah and Mattias Wernér. When we became accidental landlords, we were dismayed to find that the experience was no better than when we were tenants. We started Husmus because we believe that everyone should enjoy renting. In our vision of the future, every renter and landlord uses Husmus to make their rental journey easy, uncomplicated and most importantly a pleasant experience.

We believe that using technology is the best way to do this.

Our team