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Protecting landlords

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Spotlight great tenants

Great tenants come from all walks of life but are not so easy to spot using old-school metrics which focus on credit scores and job titles, ignoring good behaviour and modern ways of living and earning. We focus on behaviour.

Reduce your costs

Big deposits, costly repairs and maintenance fees can hit tenant and landlord finances hard. Our personalised insurance packages reduce your costs.

Resolve issues

Handling issues can be stressful and time-consuming. Until now that is. Our AI assistant automatically handles your claims and repairs.

Insurance for today's rental market

For Landlords

Rent guarantee

Comes with unlimited tenant assessment. Provides cover if your tenant does not pay their rent.

Content & damage

Protects your possessions if they're stolen, damaged or destroyed by a fire, flood, or your tenants.

For Tenants

Deposit Promise

Removes the upfront cost of paying a deposit. Only pay for any damage at the end of your tenancy.

Accidental damage

Protects any accidental damage you or your pets do to your landlord's property.

How it works

Get a rating

We assess and verify tenant data and give them a rating based on their rental history and behaviour.

Get covered

You get a personalised insurance package to cover your costs and risks, whether this is furniture, property, pets or children.

Get reimbursed

Missed rent payments, damage, repairs or maintenance are dealt with quickly and easily 24/7 with our AI assistant.

Don't just take our word for it

It makes sense that tenants can take control of their own risk management.

100% recommended.

I use a service that "guarantees" rent but they pay late and don't really do anything for us. With this service, I won't be scared to do it myself.

I got a tenant reference report within a few minutes of placing my order. I can't believe it. It seems impossible.

Why landlords choose Husmus

Easy to use

A quick and easy process gives you access to the protection you need whether on a computer, tablet or mobile.

Great rewards

All our packages come with perks to make your life easier! From free property inspections to unlimited tenant assessment.

Ditch the admin

Our rent deposit insurance means no paperwork and a wider tenant market. Win win.

Why tenants choose Husmus

We only check what matters

No more credit scores, "no DSS or CCJs" and missing out on homes because you're not the obvious reliable choice. We only care that you can afford the rent, pay it on time, and take good care of your home.

Money in your pocket

Good behaviour should be rewarded. If you have a good renting track record, we'll cover more of your rent deposit so you can keep more of your savings. Just think of all the things you could do with the money you save.

Restriction-free living

Work in the gig economy? Have erratic hours and earnings? Have pets or children? We cover you for any damage or lost income so that you can rent easy, living your life the way you want.

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Our mission

We think the way people rent properties needs a shake up. It needs to be fairer, more affordable and easier for all.

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