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Husmus Reviews are essentially landlord references.

As a landlord, you've probably been asked for references on a tenant many times. But instead of sharing them one-on-one, let's try an innovative, simple and straightforward approach to making landlords' lives easier. Now when you provide a tenant review, you will be sharing it with the entire community.

Husmus Reviews tell you the experiences that landlords have had with other tenants to help you make informed decisions about whether or not you want to rent to them.

When you fill out a review, you become part of something bigger: a network of savvy landlords who share their tenant assessments.

Why leave a review?

Protect future landlords from secretive tenants

Protect future landlords from secretive tenants

Have you ever regretted a tenancy that could have been prevented if you were faced with all of the facts?

Whilst the vast majority of renters are perfectly reasonable and well-behaved, there is a small minority who are not and will go to extreme lengths to hide their chequered rental history.

Often, the only person who knows about their ill deeds is the landlord who was put through the ringer.

By sharing your own experiences, you help like-minded landlords make informed decisions.

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Tenant referencing for savvy landlords

Save time and money

Tenant references can be expensive and time consuming, and more often than not, the most valuable part of it is the feedback from previous landlords.

If landlord feedback is what matters most you, why not request a review for FREE and let Husmus do it for you. We verify both the identity and ownership status of our landlords so you can be confident that you're getting genuine.

If your tenant is already on our records, you'll get instant results!

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Protect future landlords from secretive tenants

Reward those who treat your house like a home

At Husmus, our mission is to change the status quo on tenant assessments.

We want to REWARD good tenants based on their rental behaviour and not on their Credit History or Employment Status.

Are you with us??

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Protect future landlords from secretive tenants
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Protect future landlords from secretive tenants
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Protect future landlords from secretive tenants

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