Peace of mind in minutes!

Tenant onboarding is the riskiest part of the tenancy process. There are so many things to remember. There is a lot to do and mistakes can have big financial repercussions. Don't be caught out by costly mistakes. Put those worry days behind you with Husmus Onboard. We help you reference, enter contracts and protect deposits in minutes.

Get peace of mind and make time for life.


What You Get

Get references

Get up to 3 tenant references to make sure you find the right tenant for you. This includes identity verification and Right to Rent checks.

Sign contract

Sign and store professional tenancy agreements.

Protect deposits

Protect deposits and deliver prescribed information and required legal documentations every time, without fail.

Compliance checklist

Never forget any pre-check in compliance requirements. Additionally, build trust with your tenants by making the prerequisites available to them.

How it works

Save time, save effort & eliminate risk

  • 1 Tenant referencing

  • Our state of the art instant tenant referencing gives you immediate insight into your applicant's suitability. We give you the information you need to select the right tenant for you. What's more, we will reference up to three applicants to make sure you are satisfied.
  • 2 Sign tenancy agreements

  • Once you have accepted an applicant we will draft your assured tenancy agreement and you and your new tenant will be able to sign it securely online.
  • 3 Protect deposits

  • We will facilitate deposit protection and provide your tenant with all required prescribed information making sure that you are compliant.
  • 4 Effortlessly fulfill all of your legal obligations

  • Issue all required pre-tenancy documents such as EPC to your tenants and keep them visible throughout the tenancy. Be secure with electronic records of the serve dates.


How long does it take?

While we verify credit history and Right to Rent instantly, we are limited by the speed in which applicants and referees provide the information. Your applicant is notified immediately after your order is placed. As soon as the application form has been filled, all referees are immediately informed. We then send reminders every 6 hours until the reference is provided. The longest part of the process tends to be previous landlord references.

Do I really get three references included?

Yes. If your first choice should fail the reference checks, we will reference up to two more applicants to find a suitable one for you.

Can I customise the tenancy agreement or add my own clauses?

You will have the opportunity to review the tenancy agreement before it is sent to tenants for their signature. At this time you can add in additional clauses but please note that these are added at your own risk.

Which deposit scheme do you use?

We protect deposits with mydeposits. Mydeposits is a government approved tenancy deposit protection scheme.